Keep Pressing On

The best way out is always through” -Robert Frost

In an attempt to get back my spontaneity and sense of adventure, I got out of bed at 4 am on Sunday morning (I was awake anyway, as I am most mornings), packed a bag, woke up my daughter and piled everything in the car and set off to chase the sunrise. More specifically, to see the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean, 1 hour away.

Ari promptly fell back asleep as soon as the car hit the highway so it was just me and the tractor-trailers on the road for company. Then 5 minutes into my adventure, out of the blue it started to rain heavily; the type of rain that has you gripping the steering wheel tightly, peering through the wipers to see properly, slowing down to 20 mph and praying. Then came lightening. I surmised that the sunrise was not in the cards and decided to turn back at the next exit and go home. As the exit approached, the rain started to clear and I decided to press on.

What a gift one gets for carrying on even when doubts seek to derail your plans, dreams or goals. You get to see the most beautiful sunrise, on the beach, with your daughter, while eating strawberries and chasing seagulls. And have breakfast with your favorite cousin to boot.






Keep on pressing on today…