If You Really Knew Me

If you really knew me, you would know that ….

Just like a cat, I yearn for physical closeness but without warning, I claw my way to solitude.

I am very sensitive, too sensitive for some. I cry in most movies, will give away my possessions on hearing a sob story and I internalize the sadness and grief of others.

New experiences are essential for me to grow. I have skydived, floated above in a hot-air balloon, vacationed alone and moved to a city where I knew no one. Stretching my courage is my adrenaline for the day to day.

I survive on Starbucks’ low fat turkey bacon morning sandwich and loads of coffee but secretively I crave ice cream, cake, hot dogs, mr goodbars, Stacey’s chips and wine every day.

I believe in open adoption, the grey lines between black and white and being compassionate. I eschew standards of perfection.

Stories excite me, regular everyday stories. We are all heroes with tales of insight and courage. I strive to know the why (the motivation, the fears, the emotions) behind the paths taken and the lives not lived.

I seek to quietly inspire you.

Now your time to share. If, I really knew you, what would I know?

[This post was partly inspired by an interview on the Good Life Project with Mike Robbins]