Last week, I made a very hard decision. It’s a decision I have mulled over for years and finally had to the courage and the honesty to make. To others the decision appeared rushed, unloving and harsh. But the decision was none of these things. It was based on love. Love for my family, love for myself.

My cousin gave me great subsequent advice which eased my conflicted soul:

Ultimately, you have to live your life. No one else is living your day to day (waking up in your bed, living in your house, doing your job); no one is dealing with your issues. Make decisions based on what is best for you and not based on other’s opinions.” (paraphrased)

If you are facing a really tough decision or choice today or this week, think about what you like your life to look like; think about your values and your goals and your dreams; and make your decision based on those things.

You know, everyone (no matter how well-intentioned) will have an opinion on your actions, so don’t make yourself a hostage to their beliefs. Live your truth.