2015 Desires


I am in a reflective mood; not satisfied as to the progress made in 2014 but happy that progress was in fact made. When I think about what I desire for 2015, the following poem by Mihirini deZoysa comes to mind:

Naked Abundance

I will open wide my eyes
so that I will not miss
the morning sun

I will gently brush my fingers
so that I may touch
the dew tip grass

I will walk barefoot
so that I may find root
on the earth that cradles me

I will look up to the sky
so that I may show my face
to the cosmos that holds me

I will uncover naked my body
so that I may feel
every sensation of love

I will laugh out loud
so that my joy will be
unbridled in the world

I will open my heart
so that love will abound
within and without

I will lay bare my soul
so that the world will
know me intimately

Vulnerable, Courageous, Confident, Aware, Happy and most of all, Taking Action.

What are your desires for next year?