On My Virtual Bookshelf

TraciElaine.com Virtual Bookshelf

“As night falls silently all around,
She carefully turns the last page.”
Rachel Lewis, Alone Upon the Sea

For Lent this year, I cut back on my social media checking by deleting Instagram and Facebook off my phone. FB I can ignore but Instagram is my drug. By deleting it, I had to wait until I had my iPad and Wifi to be able to scroll through beautifully curated photos.

The upside of releasing the need to always be connected was that I was able to fully and without distractions enjoy my first love, books.  Two of which I had to share here. Both haunted me for weeks after I closed them on my Kindle.

IMG_1709_2What are the limits of a mother’s love? And how much can you bear for your children?

Raising Abel is  a memoir, which makes it all that more shocking and challenged me to consider the boundaries of my love for my daughter. This book was highly emotional for me so much so that I could only read one or two chapters at a time. I cried, I shouted in my head and I cried some more.


The Girl On The Train  has been on many bestseller lists and has been highly recommended and while I am not a fan of reading the “it” book of the season, somehow I purchased it.

I closed the mystery with 2 thoughts constantly running through my head:

  1. Be careful what and who you wish for. You might just get it or him/her.
  2. Things are never how they are appear. Even your reality can be clouded, manipulated. We see only what we expect, hope to see and ignore the rest.

Great lessons for life.

What have you read lately that  you would recommend?