Roman Adventures

Earlier this month I spent 8 days in Italy, touring Rome, Tuscany, Florence and ending in Venice. It was a sensory adventure. I had forgotten how much I miss Europe… from the tiny cars, the old buildings, languages I can’t understand and a slower pace of life.

I went on a photography tour with the fabulous and kind Me Ra Koh and her husband and it was everything I thought it would be plus double more. Everyone meshed well together and the days were full of laughter, photo taking and loads of eating. I so miss the four course meals and the wine, especially the wine.

I left Italy sad, unwilling to come back to the “real world” having no further thoughts on my future despite having to think on and answer some deep questions Me Ra posed. It was more than a trip; it was a transition to deeper living.

Today, I am sharing some of my photos from Rome, our first stop. Rome will have a special place in my heart, it is where I discovered my love for night photography.



I will leave you with one of the questions Me Ra asked, “What is your big dream? What would you do now if money etc wasn’t an issue?”