Interview with this Little Girl Interview with Ari

Its been a busy couple of weeks with my Italian Adventures and the last 2 weeks filled with work, so last Saturday after a long Board Retreat I picked up Ari and spent some quality time at Grub Burger Bar . While Ari feasted on a grilled cheese sandwich I asked her a couple of questions to ensure I am all caught up with her life. Interview with Ari

What’s your favorite thing to do? Watching tv and riding my bike
Who is your favorite person?  Mommy Interview with Ari

Where do you want to go tomorrow?  Italy
Do you still like school? Yes Interview with Ari

How’s the food here? Good Interview with Ari

Favorite toy?  Arielle the Mermaid
Who is your best friend – Melia & Lizzy & Gwennie Interview with Ari

May the innocence continue…