A Rainy California Weekend

Last weekend we took a long weekend trip to San Francisco with a road trip to Carmel. In terms of timing, it was a bad weekend to head west. California was and is experiencing an unusual amount of rain fall.  As a result, we didn’t get all the way to Big Sur as rain caused mudslides and flooding, closing roads.

Nonetheless, it was a wonderful trip. California remains my spirit state and therefore I felt at home, rain and clouds notwithstanding.

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After spending an evening in San Francisco and giving Ari the experience of rides on the famous cable cars to Fisherman’s Wharf, we picked up a car and headed south down the Pacific Coast Highway [Route 1] towards Carmel. Route 1 for the most part, hugs the coast line all the way down past Los Angeles. The ride from just out of San Francisco to Santa Cruz was picturesque and had me smiling at every bend in the road. From Santa Cruz through the City of Monterey and to Carmel the route was more inland but nonetheless road trip worthy.


I fell in love with Carmel and did not want to leave. We stayed in lush Carmel Valley at the adorable Quail Lodge & Golf Club for a few days venturing on little trips back to the City of Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea.


We also drove as far as we could south towards the road closure by Big Sur just to take in some more of the scenery.

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On my next trip out to California I would love to take Route 1 up north to Oregon or even as far as Seattle and also explore vineyards in Napa or Sonoma Valley. I was reminded that I still love a good road trip. There is nothing better than an open road (preferably curvy), some good music and/or podcasts on the radio and a camera.

Have a wonderful week.