Charming Spaces: Terrain & Baldwin’s Book Barn

Last week I visited 2 charming spaces outside of Philly that filled me with inspiration.

Baldwin’s Book Barn is a book store housed in a barn over 5 floors. Its creaky, quaint and filled with books (mostly old). I could have curled up on one of the old chairs with a hot cup of coffee and browsed all day. Its a refreshing change from the big box retailers of today.


Terrain and its Garden Cafe are a treat. It is worth the trip to browse in the equivalent of a candy shop for home lovers. Every plant, every flower, every candle and all the knick knacks and books call to you. I had been warned before that the shop will draw one’s credit card like a moth to a flame and it is true. It made me forget that I am trying to become a minimalist of sorts (It is an off shoot of Anthropologie so the shop is beautifully styled). The cafe attached is gorgeous full of light, antiques, unusual decorations. The entire place felt like a warm blanket.

Have a wonderful week.

*Photos are all iPhone.