Details from El Yunque National Forest

On a recent trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico we took a trip to the El Yunque National Forest, the only rainforest in the US Forest System.

The forest reminded me so much of my childhood in Jamaica: seeing plants and flowers such as the birds of paradise and ginger lilies in all colors and fruits such as the soursop, stinking toe and Otaheite apple (all have different names in Puerto Rico), running from lizards on trees and craving all the breadfruits on the trees everywhere.

I was however taken with the little details while walking through the forest and thought I would share a few photos.








Our driver took us to a roadside shop that sold fruit and vegetables, smoothies and homemade lunches. That was the real highlight of the trip. The papayas and avocados were huge and the smoothies made to order were delicious. I couldn’t resist having some cookup saltfish and tostones. I can never resist saltfish.

A beautiful morning spent outside of a hotel is always refreshing.