My 5 Favorite Travel Instagramers

There are a few accounts on Instagram that bring their A game on the quality of their travel feed and in particular their photos and I thought I would share 5 that inspire me.


Beautifully Flawed One.  Abeba is Philadelphia based and focused on seeing beauty everywhere and everyone. She is an avid solo traveler, even to some of the more seemingly “unstable” locations such as Turkey. Using an iPhone and a tripod she has been able to take great travel photos which incorporate glamorous selfies with a sense of place. Her captions inspire. I featured Abena on my photography site with some gorgeous photos: Take a look here. She also shared her travel tips here.


Nomadicmom. Corrine travels solo with her toddler showcasing their travels with beautiful photography which she takes herself. Her account is a testimony that travel with kids can be done.


SpiritedPursuit. After moving back to Africa from the US, Lee has been showcasing the side of Africa that is not shown in the mainstream media: the natural landscapes and the beauty of the people; Retelling the African story. Her website also showcases the travels of those in her community and provides travel guides and resources.


TheWorldUpCloser.  Shea is a Jamaican travel blogger who travels slowly, soaking up each country and culture. She is currently exploring Central and South America. I can relate to her perspective as a Jamaican.


Me Ra Koh.DreamTravel. This account is run by Me Ra Koh and her husband Brian who are photographers and teachers with a deep love of travel. I did one of their trips to Italy last year and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The trip was fun with loads of laughter and deep conversations and was well organized.  Complementing their instagram account is a Youtube travel of their family adventures.

Other great accounts to check out are: Curious2119; thetravelingchild; oniekatraveller; mekilouise; & jetsetsarah.

These accounts have stunning photography and it should be noted that great photos can be done with an iPhone (Abena’s account is a prime example). It takes some planning in advance, a tripod and some time getting the right shot or being friendly enough to ask a stranger to take the photos with your direction. For more info see Abena’s travel tips.