Canoeing Down the Brandywine River

I had on my summer bucket list this year, going canoeing or kayaking down a river. I did it about 10 years ago and remember having fun.

We went back to Northbrook Canoe Company which provides various trips of certain lengths down the Brandywine River and you can rent a canoe, kayak or tube. After a very rocky start getting our bearings on how to navigate the canoe and oars (it was  hilarious how we ended up getting stuck in the mud in the opposite direction not even one minute after being launched in the river), it was fun. It took a little bit for Ari to relax and go with the flow but when we got to Northbrook’s ending point, we were all disappointed. A definitely must do again, if not this summer definitely next summer, but for a longer trip.

A tip for doing a river trip, go early. We went with the first wave of trips at 11.  At that time the river wasn’t as congested with tubers/canoes and kayaks which can be difficult to navigate around especially if you are new to canoeing.