Goodbye Summer

Ari June2017-75

Summer has unofficially come to an end and every store is bursting at the seams with everything Fall and Halloween. I am sad as I love the heat, the flowers, the bright nights and the lightness of days. And oh, no traffic in the mornings.

This summer was a good one filled with intentional activities (and a lot of rain here in the northeast).

Bliss Of Summer  by Judith Chiorazzi

I am privy to the sweetness

Of endless summer days,

Little girls with bouncing ponytails

Enjoying life in many ways.

Ari June2017-81

Verdant trees with lush green branches

Seem to shimmer with delight,

Ari June2017-78

While wild bird song opens us

To joy so very bright.

Ari June2017-63


Pity the soul who does not see

How summertime is made for glee.

The steady hum of cricket song

Comforts the poor heart

All night long.


Ari June2017-59

These Photos were taken at Peace Valley Park.