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Exploring the Caribbean via Cruise: Barbados

Barbados holds a special place in my heart. I lived there for 2 years 20 plus years ago as a student and one of my closest friends now lives there with her family.… Continue reading

Exploring the Caribbean by Cruise: Martinique

We pulled into Martinique early on a Sunday morning and in the early morning light the capital, Fort-de-France, charmed me. Martinique is a French territory and the majority of Martinique speaks French and its… Continue reading

Exploring the Caribbean via Cruise: Antigua

You can see my previous posts on my Royal Caribbean cruise here and here. When we docked in Antigua, I chose to wander the town of St. John’s without a plan. I wanted… Continue reading

Exploring the Caribbean via Cruise: Dutch Saint Maarten

As a part of our Royal Caribbean cruise, we docked in Dutch Saint Maarten and took the ferry to Philipsburg and walked around the shopping areas and went to the beach. We dd… Continue reading

Exploring the Caribbean via Cruise: Puerto Rico

I am Caribbean born and bred and love the diversity of the islands. Each island is flavored by its geography (volcanos & mountains for instance), its people and its colonial past or current.… Continue reading

Philadelphia: A Roof Deck View

On Sunday, I attended a get together which was held on top of one of the residential buildings downtown which had a rooftop deck. The views of Philadelphia were gorgeous; before and during… Continue reading

Emotional Seasons

“Sometimes I fall And feel myself slowly wilt and die, But then I suddenly spring back on my feet To go play in the sun outside. I am no different than the weather,… Continue reading

Changing Seasons

Despite the 80 degree weather today, fall has arrived. I hate the season that comes after but love how everything feels “vivid” in autumn. “Autumn felt like the whole world was browned and… Continue reading

A quick trip to Academy of Natural Sciences

Yesterday temperatures went over 100 degrees so previous outdoor plans were cancelled. We took refuge to the Academy of Natural Sciences to see the dinosaurs but everyone had the same idea even though… Continue reading

Powerful: Truth to Power Pop-Up Exhibition

I am so sorry for the radio silence around here. Lots going on mentally so I haven’t had the chance to blog some of the more recent events such as a birthday trip… Continue reading